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Singles Holidays

Travelling alone is a growing trend in the UK, there's no doubt about it. Many people take the plunge every year and go on a singles holiday and end up having a smashing time without all the fussing and moaning of their friends! The truth is when you travel alone you are the only one who will be making all the decisions all throughout the holiday, you simply call the shots!

Singles holidays are for those looking for the chance to meet similar, like-minded people to share a fantastic holiday experience with, to make lifelong friends and, hopefully and most importantly, to enjoy a truly memorable singles holiday at their chosen destination. Travelling solo can simply open new doors for you!

Many tour operators provide wide ranges of "worry-free" singles holidays to a selection of destinations in the UK, Europe and also worldwide.

Before you go...

The most important thing you will have to do before going on a singles holiday is to do a full on research on your chosen country and resort. There are many websites out there which will help you find out what you need to know, including information and facts on the culture and history, what the local traditions are, things not to do while there, appropriate dress code (some destinations find certain dress codes offensive so best check before travelling), drinking in public (although OK in Europe, some countries do not permit it), smoking law (some destinations do not allow smoking in bars and restaurants including Bulgaria and Spain).

There is so much more you can find online and we advise you research as much as possible before booking your singles holiday. The reason for that is because singles holidays are not for everyone, you need to be a strong individual who is confident and not scared to face the problems that may occur while abroad and on their own.

Some Great Destinations for Singles Holidays include:

Sunny Beach, Bulgaria | Golden Sands, Bulgaria | Majorca, Spain | Tenerife, Spain | Ibiza, Spain | Ayia Napa, Cyprus | Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal | Corfu, Greece | Crete, Greece | Bodrum, Turkey | Antalya, Turkey

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