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Family Holidays

Family holidays are a popular type of holiday that people search for, especially those looking to travel to Europe and destinations closer to home.

There are many advantages when you travel as a family which is why it is such a popular choice of holiday. Some of the reasons are:

*Better deals and free child places
*An easy way of spending quality time with the family
*Most households tent to go on at least one family holiday a year
*Group discounts – many travel providers offer group discounts so make sure you check with them before booking, for example some will offer the group leader a free holiday if there are a certain amount of people travelling. So if you have a big family and wish to travel together than it is something worth exploring.
*Security – the more people travelling the safer you feel when abroad.
*More fun -  when going on a family holiday you can expect fun days out, trips to local water parks, zoos, safaris and local attractions while those travelling as couples or singles tend to stay in resort on most occasions and enjoy the local attractions only.

Where to go on a fun Family Holiday

There are many destinations and resorts around Europe. But a few are better suited for Family Holidays. Some things you need to look out when picking a destination or resort include:

*Resort popularity. How popular is the resort? Well known resorts tend to attract young people and cater to a lot of young people so if you want a peaceful time away then go somewhere less populated.
*Clubbing resorts -  there are a few out there so avoid them all including:
*Family facilities – when staying in a hotel make sure they offer the facilities you will need for your family. *Make sure the rooms are large to fit the whole family; there are enough beds and the correct size of bed. *Also find out if the resort offers entertainment. There is nothing worse than going on a family holiday to a resort with lack of entertainment.
*Crime levels – do some research and find out about the crime and what to expect while there.

The best places for Family Holidays are:

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands | Menorca, Spain | Costa del Sol, Spain | Albena, Bulgaria | Sunny Beach, Bulgaria | Rhodes, Greece | Lesbos, Greece | Kefalonia, Greece | Paphos, Cyprus | Larnaca,Cyprus | Limassol, Cyprus | Malta | Madeira, Portugal | Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal

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