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Majorca Holidays

Spain is popular for its many stunning beach resorts but there are only a few which never fail to deliver fun in the sun year after year.

The island of Majorca, also known locally as Mallorca is situated off the east coast of Spain and is the largest of the Balearic Islands.  Majorca is also known as one of the most popular resorts not just in Spain but in the world, and certainly in the Mediterranean and the whole of Europe.

Majorca holidays became popular in the early 1960s, when a development boom spawned the building of hundreds of hotels and huge shopping centres which now line most of the island's coast. Majorca’s capital is Palma or (Palma de Mallorca) which managed to retain some of its historical flavour for those seeking history.

Why Majorca?

Majorca holidays are fantastic for group of friends, families or even single traveller. It has a lot to offer for everyone including; clean beaches, wide range of water sports, great history, welcoming locals, kids clubs and historic little villages for the more adventurous visitor.

If you plan to visit Majorca for the sun and fun, we would advise that you take a break from the beach resorts and head off for a local tour of the island either by car, or a bicycle, which will let you discover what Majorca has to offer and be able to witness the small romantic fishing villages, historic monasteries, monuments, museums and much more.

Weather in Majorca

Majorca offers great weather all year round which is why it is one of the top destinations for holidays to Europe. The great climate in Majorca allows temperatures that are still comfortable in winter - dropping down to around 16 degrees at the most.

Food in Majorca

The local Majorcan food or as known in Majorca 'Mallorquin' dishes make full use of delicious local almonds, olives, walnuts, and the local tomato called Ramallet which is native to the island. Majorca (Mallorca) is rich in vegetables, so obviously vegetarians are well catered for. But you will not miss out on your well known British cuisine as many restaurants cater to the British and those less willing to try something new.

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