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Ibiza Holidays

When people mention the stunning Ibiza resort in Spain you think of party, party, party. This is because Ibiza has a reputation as a party island, but don’t be fooled as there is so much more to this popular European destination than just its excellent nightclubs.

Ibiza Island is situated the closest of all the Balearic islands to mainland Spain and has over 200 km / 125 mile clean coastline, with many small coves and over 50 stunning beaches of which many have the blue flag.  Ibiza Town, also known as (Eivissa) is the island capital and it sits on the south-easterly coast, where it enjoys a protected harbour side setting.

Accommodation in Ibiza

As this is a busy resort the first thing you need to secure is your accommodation. There is a wide choice of Hotels on the Ibiza Island and range from:  budget lodging to luxury accommodation, both on the seafront and inland.

Finding resort accommodation can be difficult sometimes, especially during the peak tourist season (June to August) and therefore we advise that you book way in advance and never leave it until you have arrived in the resort as you may not be able to find available accommodation so book well in advance. Booking Ibiza holidays ahead is advisable and virtually compulsory in high season.

Why Costa Blanca Holidays?

Once you have visited you will agree that each and every part of Costa Blanca, Spain is simply a treasure to discover as well as a place to relax and enjoy some time away from all the troubles. You can take in the sun, relax at some secret and peaceful cove, or alternatively meet new friends and party like never before. Whatever rocks your boat, Costa Blanca is sure to please.

Do always bear in mind that hotel discounts may be available for advance bookings with some providers so always search and compare for the best price. Another popular alternative for accommodation on the Ibiza Island is to rent a villa to share with your friends for your stay.

Things to do in Ibiza

Ibiza Town is the place to head for while on an Ibiza holiday - it has everything imaginable. The other towns are nothing compared to the capital of the islands. Ibiza town offers a huge amount of quality restaurants, bars and all night entertainment for those who like to stay up and make the most of their holiday.
During the day you have the many clean beaches Ibiza has to offer where you can relax after a long night partying.

Food in Ibiza

Ibiza food is delicious and draws on the island's rich history and diverse culture to produce cuisine which would suit all tastes, ages and budgets.
In most popular coastal resorts you will find traditional British and German restaurants which serve up comforting home style classics to the many of tourists that arrive on the island in the summer months, many of whom are British and who prefer to stick to the food they know.

Weather in Ibiza

Summer holidays in Ibiza are extremely popular and the first really warm beach days begin in May, with stunning clear, sunny days and Mediterranean temperatures in the mid-twenties. The perfect getaway for Holidays to Europe!

During May, June, September – We advise that you carry a sweatshirt or light jacket during the evenings, especially for windy days as it can get chilly.

July and August – during these months you can expect it to get very hot, so you'll only have to pack beachwear like t-shirts and shorts for the day and loose fitting tops for the evening, no jackets are needed even on the coolest nights. Lose cotton trousers are popular with the locals.

October – Here you will need something warm or a jacket as there can be some rainy and windy cold days, when the temperatures go down to an average of 17º C.

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