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Egypt Holidays

Who visits Egypt? Who goes on Egypt Holidays? Anyone can go, even the fussiest of traveller!

If there is a country with amazing history and a great story to tell, then Egypt is definitely one of the top ones out there. From the great pyramids to the many ruins and river cruises as well as many sea resorts, Egypt has a lot to offer.

Egypt holidays can be difficult to pick because they have to be carefully planned and you need to know from the get go, what you are after and what type of holiday you wish to go on. This way you can book the right package. Unlike other countries Egypt offers many types of holidays, this is why you need to do your research before you go in order to make the most of it while there.

Holidays to Egypt are extremely popular with the Brits, mainly as the weather is great when it’s cold over here and prices are reasonably cheap.

The culture is another reason why Egypt Holidays are so popular. The food is great and the people have their great traditions that date centuries ago.

Holidays to Egypt

While on your trip you need to be aware that although holidays to Egypt are extremely popular, there is a lot of theft happening in the tourist resorts so be aware of pick pocketing and have your bag secured. You will also see many people trying to sell you small goodies but be aware that they may scam you. However, do not let that put you off a holiday to Egypt. You should expect this kind of situation in most poorer countries so just be wary of your surroundings and you will be perfectly fine.

Some of the top resorts in Egypt are:

Hurghada | Aswan | Cairo | Dahab | El Gouna | Luxor | Sharm El Sheikh | Naama Bay

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