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Dalyan Holidays

Many of the Turkish resorts are popular with the Brits, however unlike the most of them, Dalyan is a mainly undeveloped beautiful village offering a great number of natural and historical attractions, as well as warm Turkish entvironment and hospitality.

Very close to Dalyan you will find the Iztuzu beach which in fact is one of the world's few remaining breeding grounds for Loggerhead (Caretta) turtles, therefore the Turkish communities have tried hard to conserve the area's astonishing natural beauty.

Those going on Dalyan holidays need to remember that one of the must do things here is a boat trip to the 2.5-mile beach which is about 40 mins away and allows you to explore the 2,300-year-old Lycian cliff tombs as well as the stunning ruins at Caunos, and of course not forgetting the large sandbar at the turtle beach in Koycegiz.

Shopping in Dalyan

You will not find big shopping centres in Dalyan, however the Dalyan local market which is held every  Saturday will provide you with the opportunity to pick up some bargains and souvenirs while on holiday; as everywhere in Turkey, haggling is definitely a key here and there are unbelievable deals to be had.

There are also a few small shops dotted around and there is also the usual range of very cheap, but of course fake, designer goods such as jeans, tops and bags.

There are also several mini supermarkets for those visitors who are here on self catering basis and may wish to cook for themselves.

Food in Dalyan

The food in Dalyan is rich and very traditional and you will find a number of great restaurants catering for a range of tastes including English cuisine, as well as a few which offer tasty traditional Turkish dishes.

Unlike many of the bigger resorts, this is not the place to look for British style food chains such as McDonalds; you can expect family ran restaurants and very traditional food in Dalyan.

Out of all restaurants we would recommend that you visit the Paradise Restaurant which is locally known as the best place to go for fish and chips. Other favourites in Dalyan include Ali Baba's, La Perla and Simarik café. And last but not least the Riverside Restaurant has absolutely beautiful views of Caunos.

Nightlife in Dalyan

Dalyan Holidays are not best known for the nightlife. Dalyan is certainly not a place to come on holiday for a buzzing nightlife, it is more for families or couples looking for a more peaceful and romantic time away from the busy resorts.

However there are several bars and a 1 or 2 clubs (including Sweet Sixteen and Zilli) but they offer more of a traditional experience where you will experience belly dancing, traditional music and special local food.

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