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Crete Holidays

Greece is known for the 7 beautiful Greek islands but it has to be said that Crete, one of the most visited of them all is also a home to the oldest civilization of Europe. 

The Minoan civilization predates that of the rest of Europe by a good few hundred years. The many extraordinary temples and palaces they built were the basis of many myths and are still one of the most impressive archaeological sites.

Iraklion, the capital of the Crete, will probably be your point of entry. But your journey simply doesn’t end there.  For those who do not wish to spend their entire holiday in one resort then you will have many options here. Crete is connected to many top European capitals by either low cost direct flights or boats which leave to Athens and Santorini on a regular basis.

Things to do in Crete?

Crete holidays are full of fun and activities as the island has a lot on offer including water sports, great nightlife, local excursions and more.  For those looking to explore locally you will need to add a few sights on your to do list including: Hania the second biggest town of the Crete island, the Knossos a visit to some of the Venetian castles, the Lassithi plateau, and not forgetting the town of Agios sostis/lithakia with its great beaches nearby which are perfect for relaxation and a great tan.

There is also a breathtaking pink beach located at the south western edge of Crete called  the town of Paleochora, which must be one of the most relaxing places in the world and you shouldn't miss the Samaria gorge either.

Weather in Crete

The weather in Crete is fairly mild all year round; you can expect rainy winters and hot, dry summers. This is why the best time for a Crete Holiday is between May and September.  The climate of Crete is a temperate Mediterranean climate just like most parts of Greece.

Food in Crete

Greek food is not so popular around the world, for no good reason. Cretan restaurants serve good, tasty meals at relatively low prices. For example: in most tavernas, €10 will get you a starter, a main course and a drink (half a litre of wine or a beer).

Since it’s so inexpensive to eat out, Greeks go out regularly to eat. Usually one person will pay for the whole table. Tourists tend to pay separately – waiters have got used to this curious habit, though it’s still better to tell the waiter at the beginning when you order.

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