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Costa Blanca Holidays

Costa Blanca holidays are extremely popular as the coast is arguably the most famous in Spain, Costa Blanca attracts millions of tourists every year. Situated on the east coast, this breathtaking resort offers sophisticated and historic towns where life goes on 24 hours a day and many fishing little villages where you can witness nothing less but peace and tranquility.

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Costa Blanca holidays offer clear blue waters and miles of white and clean sandy beaches.
But that is not all! This area offers some stunning mountains situated on the north coast. You can also explore the Moorish villages which feature olive trees and some hidden coves. South of Costa Blanca is where you can find the long stretches of coastline with huge palm trees, sparkling; turquoise sea and hundreds beach bars, cafes and quality restaurants.

Why Costa Blanca Holidays?

Once you have visited you will agree that each and every part of Costa Blanca, Spain is simply a treasure to discover as well as a place to relax and enjoy some time away from all the troubles. You can take in the sun, relax at some secret and peaceful cove, or alternatively meet new friends and party like never before. Whatever rocks your boat, Costa Blanca is sure to please.

Costa Blanca's capital is the popular Alicante which is the major here, but regardless of that it is Benidorm that attracts the most visitors. Benidorm is an expansive holiday playground and tourist spot in every sense of the word. Benidorm offers every amenity a tourist could ask for imaginable. With safe waters and a host of water activities, Benidorm is ideal for groups or family vacations as it offers something for all ages. It also has a great nightlife, with hundreds of bars and clubs opened until the early hours of the morning and catering mainly for British tourists.

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