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Corfu Holidays

The Greek resort of Corfu also known locally as (Korfu) is one of the most beautiful as well as most popular Greek islands.

Corfu, which is best known of the seven Ionian Islands in Greece is situated off the north-west coast and it simply differs from the other Greek islands because not only is it green and offers stunning sea views, but it is also very developed with tourist resorts and hotels. Therefore, Corfu Island caters to tourists of all ages.

It has to be said that Summer time Corfu gets hectic, with low cost charter flights arriving every day from European cities and mostly from the UK. This is an outstanding resort and Corfu holidays have become more and more popular every year due to the relaxing atmosphere, great food and welcoming locals. Definitely a great choice for a holiday to Europe!

Things to do in Corfu?

Corfu holidays are popular as there is plenty to draw visitors to this magical and breathtaking island, also known by some as Kerkyra Island. The modern part of Corfu Town is upbeat and cosmopolitan, offering an exciting conglomeration of Greek, Italian, French and British influences.  

However the old town of Corfu Island was built by the Venetians in the 14th century and has many narrow alleys lined with pastel-coloured buildings with red tiled roofs, creating a similar scene to some of Italy’s historic areas. For those looking for busy atmosphere then the hub of activity in the Corfu town centre is the Liston, which is a huge row of Greek cafes and restaurants, copied from the Rue de Rivoli in Paris.

Those wishing to get away from the busy environment in the town can head for the interior to enjoy some spectacular scenery and greenery that Corfu has to offer.

Weather in Corfu

Corfu holidays are perfect as the resort offers a warm Mediterranean climate. The summer is cool and the temperature never exceeds 39C even on the hottest days.

However, Corfu Town centre can be stiflingly hot, so visitors should avoid going there during the hours of 12 noon and 2pm. The evenings are cool. The winter in Corfu Island is pretty mild, as the temperature never drops very low, even in January.

Food in Corfu

Greek food is not so popular around the world, for no good reason. Cretan restaurants serve good, tasty meals at relatively low prices. For example: in most taverns, €10 will get you a starter, a main course and a drink (half a litre of wine or a beer). Since it’s so inexpensive to eat out, Greeks go out regularly to eat. Usually one person will pay for the whole table. Tourists tend to pay separately – waiters have got used to this curious habit, though it’s still better to tell the waiter at the beginning when you order.

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