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Bulgaria Holidays

Bulgaria is still one of the most undiscovered places in Europe. Although very popular with Brits, it is nowhere as busy as some of the resorts in Spain or Greece.

Bulgaria is situated in Eastern Europe and has so much to offer; from golden sandy beaches to beautiful mountains, lakes and vibrant cities.

Bulgaria is mostly known for the cheap food and drinks as well as the great summer holidays where visitors enjoy the super hot weather and cool black sea waters.

Some of the most popular holidays to Bulgaria are holidays to Sunny Beach, Holidays to Nessebar and Holidays to Golden Sands resorts.

Holidays to Bulgaria

Holidays to Bulgaria are for anyone and everyone. If you are looking for relaxation then a Bulgaria holiday would offer just that, most 4 to 5 star hotels have their own Spa areas, some included in the packages so make sure you check before you book.

For those looking for a party time on the beach then head to Sunny Beach resort which is loved by the Brits. The resort has it all. Including: white sandy beaches, water sports, Water Parks, nightclubs- great nightlife, kids clubs and much more.

Bulgaria holidays are also great for those looking to explore some great history. Those looking to explore can visit Nessebar resort, located on the sea side and full of ancient architecture and ruins as well as pretty pebble streets. Or visit Sofia, the capital which has not changed much in the last few decades and has preserved its original look.

Weather in Bulgaria

The weather in Bulgaria is perfect during summer and sometimes can be a little too hot. So make sure you check and protect yourself when on a holiday in Bulgaria.

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