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Bodrum Holidays

Bodrum is without a doubt the largest resort and most attractive town on Turkey's coast. In the past decade the centre of Bodrum has been heavily developed specifically for European tourists but despite this, and regardless of the summer crowds, this is a resort which retains an exotic Turkish atmosphere with a lot of visual interest and excitement to keep you occupied.  

While there make sure you visit the Crusader Castle of St Peter which is the dominant landmark.


Bodrum Beaches

Bodrum holidays are perfect for everyone as it has a little of everything. The biggest attraction here however is not the beaches and clean water. Despite its seaside position, Bodrum is not a beach resort.  So hop onto one of the local minibuses which will take you to the nearby sand-and-shingle beaches at either Gumbet, 3km (2 miles) or Bitez, 7km (4.5 miles) away, which are very well known for their windsurfing conditions.

Exploring Further Afield

For the more adventurous traveller you can explore the many hidden attractive villages which are only a few minutes away by dolmuş. The most popular of them all is probably the sleepy Gümüşlük, which partly occupies the site of the ancient harbour city of Myndos. It has a stunning row of waterside traditional restaurants which have the reputation of serving the best fish in the region.

There is also the over  2,000-year old picture-postcard ruins of Ephesus, which is the Roman capital of Asia and are known to be one of the world's best preserved cities from antiquity.

Family Holidays in Bodrum

Bodrum holidays are for anyone but especially perfect for families as it offers everything you can think of. However  if you do have small children in tow you'll probably be better off visiting the beautiful beach resort of Gumbet, though many would say that it lacks the lively atmosphere and bustle of Bodrum.

We mentioned that the Castle of St Peter is a must see place but beware that the horror scenes in the dungeons are unsuitable for young children. 

Bodrum Weather

The weather in Bodrum is nothing but perfect. It combines the very best of the Mediterranean and the Aegean. It has mild winters, hot summers, extremely low humidity and over 300 days of sunshine a year.

Those going on a Bodrum holiday need to pack a high factor sun lotion as temperatures during summer remain over 30 degrees although often tempered by breezes. You can expect just over 12 hours during the summer months – May – Aug.

Food in Bodrum

There is no surprise that the food in Bodrum is nothing but spectacular. Turkey is the land of some of the most delicious food in the world.

The Turkish locals are in favour of fresh vegetables and try and keep away from too much red meat (especially Pork) and they tend to use big amounts of pure olive oil and garlic in a lot of their dishes.

Some claim that the Turkish cuisine is therefore very healthy and non-fattening, apart from a few things such as good old Turkish bread, delicious borek pastries or rich sweet desserts. Eating when on Bodrum holiday is fun, especially because you have the time and the opportunity to explore what the locals have on offer.

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