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Benidorm Holidays

Benidorm is one of Spains most popular resorts especially with British travellers. Benidorm is Costa Blanca's largest and liveliest holiday resort, where thousands of tourists visit every year .

From the many thousands of people visiting every year you will find that hundreds of them have now purchased a property there as a summer holiday home.  Benidorm, located north of Alicante, is also the party capital of Costa Blanca , Spain with unbeatable nightlife and a daytime carnival-like beach culture.

There is not much left of Benidorm's historic past, however there are some tucked away gems in the  Casco Antiguo section where you can see the ruins of a castle built in the 14th century to fend off Berber pirates.  The place to visit and be seen in the Benidorm town however is the well known Playa de Levante, a two-mile (3km) boardwalk which is ined with great outdoor cafés and lively bars.

Shopping in Benidorm

One thing you will never get bored of is shopping in Bendorm. Benidorm holidays mean that you will be exposed to street markets and soveniere shops. The streets are lined with gift shops catering for people of all ages and are  fully stocked with well known designer brands but the difference is that  they are at a fraction of the price you can expect in the UK. Prices here in Benidorm are cheap, particularly alcohol and cigarettes.

Weather in Benidorm

Benidorm holidays offer many things but undiniably the best thing is the Weather  as it is widely known as one of the mildest along the Costa Blanca. The Benidorm weather is what makes Benidorm such a fantastic holiday destination and the ideal home for those seeking a new life in Spain. Deffinitly a great choice for when looking for top holidays to Europe!

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