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Alanya Holidays

The popular seaside resort of Alanya, Turkey is situated about 150 km east of Antalya.  

Alanya is not just any resort – here you can find some of the best and cleanest beaches in the whole of Turkey as well as the stunning Taurus Mountains which offer a breathtaking backdrop to the north.



Why Alanya?

For those looking to explore some history then you will find the old town perfect for that, where you will witness many old historic houses, towers, mosques, as well as a nice small but beautiful harbour.

 There is also a 14-th century citadel situated high above Alanya.  Below this popular citadel you will find natural sea caves and grottoes. Unfortunately you can only reach most of these by boat but there is one, the most famous one of them which you can walk up called, Damlatas or "Cape of Dripping Stones".

Apart from the culture and history, Alanya has much more to offer especially for the beach lovers and sun worshipers as the resort boasts an unbeatable beach life too. Alanya Holidays offer a beautiful clean sandy Cleopatra beach which lies to the west part of the resort.

A wide range of water activities are available too – you can find more sports information further below.

Shopping in Alanya

Alanya Holidays a great for families and couples who are looking for a less busy resort, however Alanya is great for shopping also and has a range of good shops, and part of the fun is perfecting your haggling skills.

Here, unlike the UK haggling can get you a real bargain. If your patience is good then you can expect some prices to be marked down by as much as 30 to 50 percent.  Alanya also offers some excellent jewellery shops which are great for presents and souvenirs.

There is a local market, and the usual tourist tat. For those unsure about what to get their family or friends back home then why not go for Hookahs (water pipes) and tobacco which are popular souvenirs from Alanya, or you could go for the famous Turkish tea sets.

Nightlife in Alanya

This is not a party resort but there are some bars and lively atmosphere that you can find at the harbour, but you can also find a few tucked away bars and clubs in the side streets so make sure you ask the locals before you decide on a night out.

Have in mind that a lot of the clubs in Alanya close relatively early, but a free shuttle ferries is available for the serious partiers to be able to access the Auditorium, a huge venue that stays open until the early hours of the morning and is away from the town centre.

Other favourites include James Dean, Robin Hood and Bistro Bellman. For those looking to mix tradition with partying then you can find a few clubs which offer traditional entertainment such as belly dancing and Turkish music.

Activities in Alanya

There are a few interesting sights to explore while on an Alanya holiday, including the medieval Alanya Castle and remains of a Seljuk village as well as the Red Tower, and nearby Damlatas Caves as mentioned previously.

For those visiting the resort for sun sea and fun then you can expect  not just sunbathing but also; good swimming, a water park, mountain biking, golfing, bungee jumping, river rafting on the Alara River and more.

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